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# 8: Acer Aspire One: AO522-BZ897-10.1 Inch HD Netbook (Black Diamond)

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful: 4.0 out of 5 stars Nice little netbook, flat keys, bass speaker volume, January 25, 2011 this review is from: Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897 10.1-Inch HD Netbook (Black Diamond) (Personal computers) we picked up one of these at Fry's Electronics Sunday 23rd Jan. We have three laptops, but no other netbook experience so it is difficult to make comparisons. My son-in-law took with him I had only a couple of hours playing with it. Given these disclaimers ...

Is a nice little netbook and I were looking for a new computer today, it would pick up one of these for me. Is small, light and battery life is pretty good. With three USB ports and an SD card reader that is well equipped. The thing that made the sale to us was the 1 .3MP webcam because we want to make video calls to Skype with our son-in-law. The quality of the video was great. The screen is very bright, that we had actually dim somewhat on comfort. The only speaker, located under the front left, don't have much volume and was rather "tinny" sound.

The speed is something that I find hard to describe. Certainly is slow compared to our computers, but not something that I couldn't live with. Video worked great. I tried a Netflix streaming video and a youtube video; both have worked great.

My biggest complaint is the flat keys. A small outline would have helped a lot. It would have taken some adjustment type quickly on the keyboard. However the keyboard layout is good. Is not full size but not so small as to be a big adjustment. The size it would be easy to adapt to. The cursor keys, limited space, data are well designed.

The track pad worked fine, no rough surface that many complain (why do they do that?), but none of us are using a track pad in this family. We all choose mouse wireless. It's nice to have three USB ports, because we were able to attack one of these receivers really small mouse in a USB slot and leave it there all the time. Mouse pad buttons track are a single slash (why do they do that too?), but that does not hinder our use of it when we tried.

With Windows 7, which, as a starter version does not allow the wallpaper to be changed. That drove that my son-in-law crazy, but he must learn to live with it.

It would be nice if scored 8 or 10 hours on battery instead of 6, but hey, six hours is double what any of our other handsets reach!

The lid is a magnet for smooth and glossy total footprint (why do they do that?)

I went to remove all the bloatware from it for my son-in-law and guess what? There really wasn't any that I wanted to delete. They have preloaded Skype and a few other useful tools that we would have been loaded, but there was the usual bunch of stuff to delete.

In my opinion, I think this is a pretty neat little machine for a very reasonable price.

Jan 27. I called Acer tech support and learned max RAM is 2 GB and DDR3. The phone support person has not yet had details so couldn't tell me how to access the ram (but said it was through the bottom of the computer), or he could tell me if there was only one RAM slot or two.

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